Stefanie Schairer
There is more than one_ Installation, Interaction_2015

“In my art work I am exploring shapes, forms, manner, effects and design of relationships. Thereby I am interested in interpersonal relationships as well as relationships between objects and materials.
My proving ground I do mainly find in painting, sculpture/installation and performance/interaction in public space.“ “Art is a catalyst for unspoken things.
It is helpful to create things new when they are going to make myself speechless.“

Stefanie Schairer

2013   Master of Arts for Art Therapy at Kunsthochschule, Weissensee, Berlin, Art Therapist (MA)
1989   Bachelor in Social Work, Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany

Selected Exhibitions
2016   “It is a long trip – you will have to be patient!“, project and show with Sarah Valeri (NYC) in NYC and Berlin
2015   NEUE SINNLICHKEIT“ festival in a former prison, „There is more than one“, interactive installation, group show, Magdeburg, Germany
2015   “It is a long trip – you will have to be patient!“, project with Sarah Valerie, NYC, show in Berlin since November 2015
2014   “Open HOUSE“, group show in BUSHWICK, NYC
2014   “Second time Around“, Museum of Shennandoah Valleys, Virginia
2014   “BLIND DATE IN SILENCE“, performance WETTBÜRO#3, Berlin
2013   “BLIND DATE“, performance and happening, Figment Festival, Philadelphia
2013   “Creatives Rising“, exhibition space and Skyscraper, Long Island City, NYC
2013   “MISS MISS – BANG BANG“, JJ&SS, Cafe Nothaft und Seidel, Berlin
2013   “BLIND DATE“, performance and happening, ART&Tours, Berlin
2013   “home“, Nothaft und Seidel, Berlin
2013   “Time frame“, Performance directed by Mahela Rostek, „Frühlingserwachen, Berlin
2012   “Out of Place_an ongoing archive on nomadism“, CORPO 6 Gallery, Berlin
2012   JJ&SS, Gallery Ken Marquis, Scranton, USA
2011   The Long Night of the Museums with Jeannine Baldomero, Gerichtshüfe, Berlin
2011   Artist of June, interaction and communication in public, Berliner Pool, Berlin
2011   Language is Luxory – office of unspoken words, interaction and communication in public, 48h Neukülln, Studio Weichselplatz, Berlin
2011   Diversity desireable!, interaction and communication in public, community centre Kreuzberg, Berlin
2011   HOME GAME, paintings and drawings, Kunstwerkhaus, Albstadt. Please Continue, vol.2, with Tuomo Heikkinen, Kellarigalleria, Finland
2010   What to do with pink bags? Art festival 48h Neukülln, installation airport Tempelhof und Cafe Geschwister Nothaft, Berlin

Publications & Awards
2016   WALK WITH THE ARTIST, catalogue
2015   catalogue, NEUE SINNLICHKEIT“, Magdeburg
2014   WETTBÜRO#3, performance,
2013   “BLIND DATE“
2012   LIMITED sketchbook project, NYC – The Arthouse Project
2011   artist of the month June for interaction and communication in public space, Berliner Pool, Berlin